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Greater Manchester is seeking your views on the powers that the City Region needs to drive forward its ambitious programme of growth and reform. 

We're living through the most exciting changes to the way England’s cities are governed in generations. 

Greater Manchester has led the way on devolution agreements, which move decision-making on crucial public services like local transport, housing, health and skills training closer to local people. 

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is made up of Greater Manchester’s ten local authorities and the Greater Manchester Mayor. Each local authority’s Leader sits on the Combined Authority with the Mayor and makes decisions on behalf of all GM’s residents.

We made the UK’s first English devolution deals with the Government in November 2014, March and July 2015, and March 2016 showing how Greater Manchester’s 2.8million people could benefit from local control of vital aspects of their region’s life, economy and future. 

Changes to the law have to be made to allow us to put these devolution deals into place. As part of this the GMCA has reviewed its functions, how it is run and has set this out clearly in a document called a ‘scheme’.

Its important to note that the GMCA won’t be using these proposed powers alone – but rather in partnership with the ten GM local councils, government officials and other public bodies responsible for fire and rescue and waste services, education, skills, training and employment support, transport, planning and the way in which the decisions of the GMCA are scrutinised.


Over the coming months we will be reviewing and updating the scheme a number of times to take into account additional changes to powers and decision-making. At each stage we will ask for feedback on our scheme. 

In early 2016 we asked for views from local residents, businesses and organisations on our first draft scheme. You can see how people responded here.

Since then we’ve reviewed our scheme again and are seeking views on the legal powers that we are proposing the GMCA get and the associated governance arrangements for those powers.


We are collating responses from each of the consultations so, if you feel you’ve already shared your views in a previous consultation, please do not feel you have to repeat them.

Please tell us whether you agree or disagree with the powers proposed for the GMCA and let us know why you agree or disagree in the space provided at the end.

All of your responses will be considered by the Secretary of State who will decide whether the powers we’ve asked you about should be devolved from central government to the GMCA.

You can download a full version, in more formal language, of the powers in this consultation – called a scheme: 

Please note, this consultation has now closed. You can, however, view the report of this consultation's results.

New Powers for the GMCA – and what we can do with them

The powers that the GMCA is seeking cover a number of areas, these are:

  • Fire and Rescue Services
  • Waste Disposal
  • Education, skills and Employment Support
  • Transport
  • Planning
  • Overview and Scrutiny
  • Equalities