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Document downloads - Green City Region

Change and Low Emissions Implementation Plan (2016-2020)

GM Air Quality Action Plan 2016-21

This document was published in December 2016.

GM Low-Emission Strategy Dec 2016

Deep Dive Report: Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Services

Home Energy Conservation Act: Greater Manchester 2017/18 – 18/19

Energy Company Obligation, Flexible Eligibility, Statement of Intent

GM Energy Company Obligation, Flexible Eligibility, Statement of Intent. A funding mechanism to assist towards the costs of energy efficient measures delivered through existing local authority schemes

ECO Statement of Intent explanation

Information and explanation regarding ECO funds and the Statement of Intent.

Urban Pioneer

Working with Defra, Greater Manchester will use the Urban Pioneer project to explore links between the environment, society and the economy.

Green Summit Agenda

This is the agenda for the Green Summit.

Green Summit speakers

Here is information about those speaking at the Green Summit.

Green Summit presentations

Presentations made by speakers at Greater Manchester's Green Summit on 21 March, 2018

Testing new heating systems

We are running a series of trials of new systems to help us deliver more efficient and sustainable heating in our homes and businesses.

Springboard - a new environmental vision for Greater Manchester

Following on from the Green Summit, the Springboard report sets out our ambitious plans to make Greater Manchester one of the leading green city regions in the UK and Europe.