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Empty homes

Empty homes deteriorate rapidly and become targets for vandalism and crime. Around 11,000 Greater Manchester homes have been empty for many months. We want to bring them all back into use.

Our 'Empty to Plenty' campaign offers advice and support for property owners. It helped fill nearly 1,000 homes between 2012 and 2015.

Benefits of bringing your empty home back into use

Getting people living in your empty property again has real benefits for you, and for the wider community.

An empty home costs an average of over £7,000 a year in lost rent, taxes, insurance and other charges. Add on the costs of disrepair and vandalism and the figure gets even higher.

By bringing your property back into use you will:

  • earn money from rent
  • increase the value of your property
  • reduce repair costs
  • protect your property from vandalism and crime
  • cut the price of insurance.

You'll also contribute to the economic health of the neighbourhood, widen housing choices for local people, and help reduce the pressure to build new homes.

What to do with your empty home

With a huge demand for affordable housing, it's vital that we work with property owners to get empty homes back into use. See how we can help you deal with your property.