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Finance and investment

Finance and Investment

Greater Manchester Investment Fund (GMIF)

The Greater Manchester Investment Fund is a series of investment funds aimed at encouraging business growth and investment in property and infrastructure.

Achievements to date:

  • £100m invested into over 90 businesses in Greater Manchester creating/safeguarding over 6,500 jobs.
  • Commercial property funds have supported the development of 171,921sqft of commercial floor space and the redevelopment of 23 hectares of Brownfield land.
  • £393m invested into residential development across 31 sites in Greater Manchester, supporting the building of over 5,400 new homes.
  • Private sector funds leveraged to date of circa £1 billion.
  • Creation of GM Fund of Funds to oversee the investment of £60m funding under the 2014-2020 European Regional Development Fund programme. 

Overall, our ambition is for Greater Manchester to become a financially self-sustaining city, sitting at the heart of a Northern Powerhouse with the size, the assets, the skilled population and political and economic influence to rival any global city. We are hugely optimistic about our future as a place to invest.

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