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Business Advisory Panel

The Mayor of Greater Manchester is asking the city-region’s business people to put themselves forward and apply to join his Business Advisory Panel. 

Andy Burnham has appealed to people from businesses big and small from across Greater Manchester to apply to become part of a new panel which will look to help spark new thinking to tackle the issues faced by business in Greater Manchester.   

The Mayor will invite an initial group of 10-15 people to give their views and advice on any issue affecting business in Greater Manchester. Applicants must work in a commercial or not-for-profit organisation within the boundaries of Greater Manchester. Membership will be on an individual and personal basis, that is, not in a representative capacity for any company or other organisation. Membership cannot be substituted.  Applicants should be able to agree to an initial membership period of at least 12 months.  All members will be selected by the Mayor.

The Mayor is looking for individuals who:

  • have the capacity to give insight into issues affecting businesses in Greater Manchester, drawing on their own personal experience, but also looking beyond it to what actions and policies will make Greater Manchester the best place to work, live and invest;
  • are able to work constructively with others to support the Mayor’s ambitions through free and frank exchange of views; and
  • inspire the confidence of the business community and the general public, and whose public statements and actions should be compatible with the values of the Office of the Mayor of Greater Manchester.

Collectively, the Mayor will be looking to establish a Panel that represents a good mix of personalities, sectors, types of business and backgrounds as well as being diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity and disability.