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Low Carbon Project Delivery Unit

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Non-domestic energy efficiency

The GM Climate Change and Low Emissions Implementation Plan (2016) identifies energy efficiency and renewable generation as providing over 50% of the potential opportunity required, to meet Greater Manchester’s 2020 carbon reduction targets. 
The current Non Domestic Energy Efficiency and renewable generation programme presents an investment opportunity of circa £85million across local authority controlled estates, with the ability to unlock:
  • Average 20% operational and carbon savings  
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased energy generation
  • Increased energy security 
  • Increased resilience
The PDU is currently supporting multiple public agencies and districts with the development and delivery of a variety of projects including;
  • Circa £14 million of energy efficiency projects 
  • Circa £4 million of renewable generation projects 
  • Circa £2 million of Salix funded and partnered projects 
  • Development and delivery of EU funded projects
  • Development of GM wide financial instruments