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Policy and strategy

Helping people to be more self-reliant

We're reforming public services so everyone has the opportunity to contribute to and enjoy the benefits of Greater Manchester's growth and prosperity.

We're using new ways to support people with difficult and complex lives: identifying problems early, helping them tackle those problems, and learning from their experiences to support others.

Our new solutions are timely and coordinated, rather than coming from lots of different places. They will cover all a household's problems, not just some. They are based on what's proven to work.

By tackling crime and antisocial behaviour, helping troubled families, beating unemployment, giving children the best start, and making services easier to access, we will give Greater Manchester people higher aspirations and a better chance of a brighter future.

Tackling crime and antisocial behaviour

We want to make Greater Manchester a safer, more peaceful place to live.

Helping troubled families

Our ambition for a more prosperous, self-reliant Greater Manchester means identifying and preventing problems that put a strain on public services and have a negative effect on communities.

Employment initiatives

We want a prosperous, self-reliant, Greater Manchester with high employment, and a wealth of job and training opportunities.

Giving children the best start

Children need the best possible start in life to reach their full potential, to lead healthy, fulfilled lives and to contribute to their communities.

Making services easier to access

We want Greater Manchester neighbourhoods to be places where people choose to live, work and invest in. We work with local people to improve quality of life, and reduce the demand on public services in their area.

Improving the lives of older people in Greater Manchester 

We want to make sure that people aged 50 and over are able to contribute to and benefit from sustained prosperity and enjoy a good quality of life. 

Lead member

Andy Burnham


GM Public Service Reform team