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Ensuring every child is ready to start school

Every child ready to start school

The Mayor and the Combined Authority are determined to ensure that every child has the basic skills needed to start school. It is estimated that around 12,000 children started school in September 2017 without the skills needed to learn such as being able to read or write to an appropriate level.

The focus on school-readiness is a major part of the Greater Manchester Strategy, which includes the city-region’s five-year aim to exceed the national average for the proportion of children reaching a ‘good level of development’ at the end of reception.

In October 2017, the Combined Authority held a School Readiness Summit which highlighted the impact that economic instability, low wages and ‘time poverty’ can have on families and a child’s development. Greater Manchester health and public bodies, including primary and secondary schools, were asked to sign a pledge to work together, and to share information and resources, in an effort to cut year on year the numbers of children that arrive at school not ready to learn.