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GMSF consultation on initial evidence base

The first step in producing the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) was to test some of the technical evidence prepared to assess the levels of growth we should be planning for. In particular, we were seeking to test:

  • whether Greater Manchester is an appropriate geographical area for assessing employment floorspace and housing needs;
  • whether our analysis of Greater Manchester’s competitive strengths is sound and comprehensive;
  • the appropriateness of the assumptions we use to underpin our approach;
  • the methodology we have used to carry out our assessment of employment and housing land requirements to 2033;
  • whether the evidence base should be developed further to support our objectives, and if so what form this should take;
  • the conclusions that we have reached in light of the evidence; and
  • whether there are any other issues that will be relevant to the future development of the GMSF.

A consultation document covering these questions was published in October 2014 along with a list of all the references and source documents used to develop the work.

The initial consultation period closed on the 7th November 2014 and we received responses from over 70 different organisations and groups, which have all been analysed and assessed so that they can inform future work on the GMSF. A report on the initial consultation stage was also considered by the Planning and Housing Commission.