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European Funds 2014 -2020

Greater Manchester has £356m from the European Commission to support investment in innovation, businesses, skills and job creation.

The European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) plan explains how we will use this money on six main priority areas:

  • competitive places
  • science innovation
  • competitive business
  • reducing carbon emissions
  • skills, employment and inclusion
  • reforming public services

We expect every project seeking funding under this plan to show how it will deliver social value - this means it should bring wider benefits to the community as well as support our economy.

The government's National ESIF Growth Programme Board decides how the fund is managed. Sir Richard Leese represents our region on the board. The board approves major spending projects. Smaller projects are evaluated and assessed in consultation with local sub-committees.

We are talking to the government about getting 'intermediate body' status, to give us a greater influence on funding decisions.

Current opportunities

We will occasionally put out calls for projects that we could submit to the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) on behalf of Greater Manchester to receive European funding or ask for your views on upcoming calls:

Find out more

This government website also has information on current opportunities.

See our ESIF plan:

See the Greater Manchester Sustainable Urban Development Plan

See our full Social Value policy:

Contact us for more information and advice about project development support at

Other European funding

Other European funding programmes could help Greater Manchester initiatives such as research and innovation, transport, energy, climate change, skills, small- to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and health.

They include:

  • Horizon 2020 (research and Innovation)
  • Territorial Cooperation Programmes (INTERREG)
  • Connecting Europe (Energy, transport and broadband infrastructure)
  • European Funds for Strategic Investment
  • COSME (Competitiveness and SME programme)
  • Erasmus for All (Education, training, youth and sport)
  • Life+ (Environment and climate action)
  • Creative Europe
  • Employment and Social Innovation
  • Third Health Programme

Find out more on European funds at the New Economy website

GM ERDF Call - Science Commercialisation 

Greater Manchester intends to issue a call for European Regional Development Fund-supported projects in the Department for Communities and Local Government’s next available call window to be advertised on the Government’s ESIF site shortly.

The proposed call is: Science Commercialization in Greater Manchester

We are particularly seeking input from key stakeholders including:


  • Private, public or Higher Education Institutions who might consider tendering to provide these services
  • Organisations within Greater Manchester or beyond who want to ensure that activities using European funds meet the needs of GM's businesses and residents, e.g. business networks, voluntary organisations, community groups
  • Interested businesses or individuals

Further information can be downloaded here.