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We want Greater Manchester neighbourhoods to be places where people choose to live, work and invest in. We work with local people to improve quality of life, and reduce the demand on public services in their area.

To do this, we're starting to 'integrate' services at a local level. That means giving people easy access to services near where they live, instead of having to visit lots of different organisations scattered across the region. 

We'll take this approach with things like services for under-fives, work and skills training, anti-crime initiatives and health and social care. 

Bringing results

We're concentrating first on areas where we can step in to prevent problems getting worse; where we can make communities safer, protect vulnerable people and improve the environment. In the future we'll integrate health and social care services at a local level too.

It's bringing results already in some areas. We're learning from these early efforts to extend the approach systematically across the region.


Jane Forrest


Address: Greater Manchester Public Service Reform Team, PO Box 532, M60 2LA