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We're asking local people, businesses and others with an interest in Greater Manchester, to help us shape the new strategy. We want to know what you love about Greater Manchester now, and what you would like Greater Manchester to be like in the future.

So you've got a blank sheet of paper to tell us your views!

But to help you, here are the broad principles we're looking to build the strategy around.

People and place

By 2040, Greater Manchester will be one of the world's leading city-regions.

We will get there by growing Greater Manchester's economy, encouraging people to benefit from that growth, and by building on a set of values we call 'people' and 'place'.

'People' values include:

  • A healthy life journey: start well, live well, age well
  • No one held back: no one left behind
  • Excellent public services that help people be more self-reliant
  • Preventing social problems rather than just reacting to those problems
  • Giving people the skills to succeed and progress

'Place' values include

  • Highly productive businesses in all parts of Greater Manchester
  • World class infrastructure, transport and connections
  • Housing that meet the needs and aspirations of existing and future residents
  • A leading centre of science and technology
  • Strong cultural, leisure and environmental facilities

OK, those values are fairly vague. But that's deliberate . . .

We don't want to simply write a strategy then ask you to give it the thumbs-up - or even the thumbs-down! We want you to tell us how you want the future to shape up.

So you can bear our values in mind, but don't be constricted by them. It's a long way to 2040: there's plenty of scope to use your imagination!