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We can make this happen thanks to three great strengths – unique to our region: 

  • The places that make up our city region and their potential as places to live, work, invest and enjoy life. 

  • The people who live here and their potential to fully contribute to our growing economy and enjoy the good life our success will bring.

  • The ‘assets’ and resources we can develop into high quality, world-beating products, services, science, and culture.


We will:

Turn Greater Manchester’s special strengths into global, economy-boosting jobs and wealth. We are already recognised as world leaders in lots of fields and we want to build on that reputation:

new technology and advanced materials

  • low-carbon energy 

  • health technology and sciences

  • digital design and analysis
  • creative industries
  • textiles

Build business links, tourism and relationships with Europe and the rest of the world. 

Support business to invest and expand in new ways. 

With all this and more, we will translate world-leading know-how in our universities, science parks, hospitals, culture spots and airport into growth and jobs for Greater Manchester. 


We will:

Address whatever stops people playing their full part and getting the most out of Greater Manchester’s success by reshaping education, help-to-work and skills, health and care, and the courts and justice –  they must all work better for residents.

Reshape public services to tailor support, protect the vulnerable, strengthen people and build self-reliant communities.

Start children off with the best education, health and home life.

Remake health and social care services to make residents healthier. 

Join up education, skills and business planning so our people have what it takes to get the well paid, hi-tech jobs our new industries and success will bring. 


We will: 

Develop the great things that will attract people to all Greater Manchester’s places by:
- creating good jobs
- building great homes and communities
- supporting town centres to thrive. 

Connect people with good value, joined-up transport that cuts congestion on our roads.

Build up great neighbourhoods with housing choices right for everyone and access to great schools, parks, libraries and other local amenities.  

Organise planning for the future so industry and residents have the new facilities, land, utilities, roads and homes they will need.  

Cut harmful carbon and develop new kinds of renewable energy for lower bills and a greener city. 

Grow our international standard of culture, sport and entertainment and enhance our quality of life with better parks, waterways and green spaces. 

We must all work together to realise the golden opportunities that Greater Manchester’s people, places and resources promise – so that our region prospers under a new economy that works for everyone. 

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