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Sorry that this involves legal technicalities – we'll explain the jargon and keep it simple.

We're living through the most exciting changes to how England is governed for generations.

Greater Manchester has led the way on ‘devolution agreements’ that move decision-making on crucial public services like local transport, housing, health and skills training closer to local people.

We made the UK’s first English ‘devolution deals’ with central government in 2014, March and July 2015, and March 2016, showing how Greater Manchester’s 2.8 million people could benefit from a new kind of local control of vital aspects of their region’s life, economy and future.

The law has changed to allow us to put the devolution deals into effect. We were first required to review the GMCA’s functions and how it is run, and set this out in a document or ‘scheme’.

This review and scheme have now been published and we want your views on the legal powers proposed for the GMCA in the ‘scheme’ and the associated ‘governance’ arrangements.

In this consultation we’ll outline what the proposals are and show you where to find more detail if you want it, and ask for your comments.

GMCA won’t be using its proposed powers alone – but rather in partnership with the ten GM local councils, government officials or other public bodies.

Summary of each regulation