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Deputy Mayor responds to budget


Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester Bev Hughes has responded to the budget announcement.

Responding to Chancellor Philip Hammond’s budget announcement, Greater Manchester’s Deputy Mayor for Police and Crime Bev Hughes said: “The Chancellor had an opportunity to take a first step towards undoing years of damage to our communities and put community safety at the top of the national agenda. He failed to deliver and that is a real blow.

“Whilst additional investment in counter-terrorism is of course welcome, our local police play a vital role in working with communities to gather intelligence, protect them from extremism and build stronger cohesive neighbourhoods. The lack of consideration for a police service that has been stripped to the bone will do little to instil confidence in our residents who are bearing the brunt of years of cuts.

“In Greater Manchester, we have lost thousands of police officers in the face in unprecedented demand.  We shouldn’t have to go to the Government with a begging bowl, but the current financial picture combined with the additional funding gap created by the Treasury due to pension changes has left local policing in an untenable position.

“I had hoped this budget would deliver some respite, however we are now forced to wait and see what the Home Secretary pulls out of the hat in December.”