The response to Census 2021 has been fantastic. So far 97% of households in England and Wales have taken part, and thank you if that includes you!

We really need everyone to complete it, but don’t worry, it’s not too late.

The deadline has now been extended, so if you are in one of the final 3% of households, you can still be counted.

You now have until 17 May to complete your Census online using your 16-character access code.

If you need to use the paper version of the Census form, then it must be received by the Census office by the end of June.

The Census is required by law. If you do not submit your Census form you could receive a £1,000 fine.

It’s vital you and your household complete the Census. The data collected will provide insight and new information for central government and Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) to help future decisions on planning and funding public services across the city-region for the next ten years, including transport, education and healthcare.

It is crucial that all residents of Greater Manchester are counted, and extensive support is available for those who are unable or would prefer not to complete the Census online.

Paper questionnaires are available for anyone who wants one and they can be requested by:

  • Calling the free phone number 0800 141 2021
  • Visiting the ONS website – Request a paper questionnaire (external website-

You can also request a paper version in large print, Braille, audio description, British Sign Language and other languages.

Census staff are also available to carry out the Census over the phone, and using translators:

  • Appointments can be booked by calling the free phone number 0800 141 2021
  • Translators can be booked by calling the free phone number 0800 587 2021
  • Relay UK users dial 18001 followed by the phone number you need

Additional support and information:

  • Online: visit the ONS website – About the Census (external website- ONS website – About the Census (external website))
  • By phone: call the free phone support centre 0800 141 2021
  • In person: Census Support Centres have been set up in local community venues where staff will be able to help answer general census queries, help you to fill in your online census or paper form, and discuss other ways to support you. All the centres are operating in a Covid-safe way. Find out more about the Census Support Centres in your borough.

For more information and advice, please go to the GMCA website page dedicated to the Census.


Article Published: 11/05/2021 12:11 PM