Supporting the transition from Reception to Year 1 - Research Seminars

In Autumn 2020, the Greater Manchester (GM) School Readiness programme ran a series of research-focused seminars aimed at supporting primary school head teachers and school leaders. The sessions reflected on the impact of Covid-19 restrictions on shortening the EYFS offer for pupils and the different approaches that can support a positive return to learning in Year 1.

Each of the sessions was recorded and you can find the Speech, Language and Communication one below. Please note - some of the presentation slides on this page are not accessible, however they are exempt because this is third-party content that is neither funded nor developed by, nor under the control of, the public sector body. The content is also presented in the videos which contains audio and subtitles.

Speech, Language and Communication - Michelle Morris and Rebecca Shirt

Speech, Language and Communication Webinar Recording

Speech, Language and Communication PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Language as a Child Wellbeing Indicator Research Paper (PDF)


Link to full series of Year 1 Recovery Curriculum Research Seminars