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Addressing the digital divide across Greater Manchester

Covid-19 has illustrated that digital inclusion should now be considered a human right and connectivity as a basic utility.  A report produced by The Good Things Foundation and Liverpool University in 2020 suggests that levels of digital exclusion is much worse than previously thought. As many as 1.2m residents in Greater Manchester could be excluded in some way to access the benefits digital brings.

In October 2020 the Digital Inclusion Agenda for Change for Greater Manchester was launched, with a bold ambition to make Greater Manchester a 100% digitally-enabled city region. To deliver the ambition to become a 100% digitally-enabled city region, the Greater Manchester Digital Inclusion Taskforce was set up in December 2020.

In May 2021, following his re-election Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, announced ambitions for Greater Manchester to become one of the first city-regions in the world to equip all under-25s, over-75s and disabled people with the skills, connectivity and technology to get online.

As part of this reinforced commitment to get residents online, Mayor established a Digital Inclusion Action Network to lead targeted action to combat digital exclusion within these target groups in Greater Manchester.

The Greater Manchester Digital Inclusion Taskforce

The Digital Inclusion Taskforce brings together industry, VCSC sector, public sector partners, local government, schools and health to fix the digital divide across Greater Manchester.

The Taskforce will focus and shape an action plan to address the interrelated barriers to digital inclusion and the digital divide such as connectivity, accessibility, affordability, skills, motivation and confidence.

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The Greater Manchester Digital Inclusion Action Network

The Digital Inclusion Action Network will lead targeted action to combat digital exclusion with a specific focus on supporting under-25s, over-75s and disabled people in Greater Manchester.

The new action network will shape the outcomes and areas of focus for the Greater Manchester Digital Inclusion Taskforce and will enable the Mayor to work in collaboration with businesses, local authorities, schools, voluntary and charitable organisations to drive forward this ambition.


Below, you'll also find some of the ways Greater Manchester is addressing the digital divide, including digital inclusion support in each local authority area, as well as news and updates as we progress on our mission to become a 100% digitally enabled city region.

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The Greater Manchester Tech Fund

The Tech Fund provides schools and colleges with the technology needed to learn in an home setting

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Local Authority Digital Inclusion Support

Residents can access support from their council to help them get online and develop digital skills

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BLOG: Innovation to transform lives

How an innovative new initiative could transform the lives of SEND students and has started to close the digital skills gap.

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BLOG: Tackling digital exclusion in Wigan

The Digital Wigan team is part of Wigan Council, the team works closely with Wigan Borough’s community to support residents to develop essential digital skills.

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BLOG: How CodeYourFuture are changing lives through coding

CodeYourFuture is a non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting inequality...

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BLOG: Go Digital inspiring young people

How the Go Digital programme has been inspiring young people In Greater Manchester to consider careers in the digital sector.

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Greater Manchester Digital Inclusion Taskforce

The GM Digital Inclusion Taskforce was set up to fix the digital divide across our city-region

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Fixing the digital divide in Greater Manchester and beyond!

How Greater Manchester is fixing the digital divide

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