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Social Impact Report 2022: fixing the digital divide

The first annual Social Impact Report of Greater Manchester’s digital inclusion work demonstrates the value of collaboration, with the report outlining how this work has been a catalyst for multiple programmes and initiatives to help tackle digital exclusion across the region.

The report summarises the work taking place across Greater Manchester to fix the digital divide, some being direct outputs of Greater Manchester’s Digital Inclusion Taskforce or the region’s Digital Inclusion Action Network.

Download Greater Manchester's Social Impact Report: fixing the digital divide 2022 (Adobe PDF, 2.03MB)

Download Greater Manchester's Social Impact Report: fixing the digital divide 2022 - accessible (Microsoft Word, 57.6KB)

"We live in a world where digital is a part of all our lives, whether we actively seek to go online or not. As we continue to digitally transform many of our public services to improve efficiencies and cost savings, especially in a time where the cost of living is widening divides. In today’s world, being online means you can easily access and manage your healthcare, take greater care of your finances - digital inclusion impacts your liveability." Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester