On 4th December 2020, we submitted a response to the Government’s National Data Strategy conversation. Better use of data is a key part of our ambition for Greater Manchester to become a world-leading digital city-region.

We believe that a collaborative approach is the best way to ensure that the power of data can be harnessed to improve lives, keep us safe and promote growth and prosperity. We support the aims and missions of the National Data Strategy and want to work with the Government to ensure that it is both designed and delivered in a way that fully considers the implications for local people and businesses.

Our response focuses on:

  • the need for collaboration and co-operation between local and national government
  • local involvement in setting data standards and open data
  • the skills and infrastructure requirements of the strategy
  • ethical and responsible data use
  • the importance of addressing inequalities
  • encouraging participation from the VCSE sector and community groups and
  • greater support for digital and data-enabled businesses.

Greater Manchester's response to the National Data Strategy consulation (Word, 250KB)

Article Published: 22/12/2020 13:17 PM