The Greater Manchester Digital Platform

The Greater Manchester Digital Platform is an advanced tool itself that can be communicated as an exemplar of good practice in Greater Manchester. The Platform was created to ensure that professionals supporting residents have the right information, at the right time and in the right way. 

The Digital Platform provides the infrastructure that can be rapidly adopted in other priority areas to drive improvements in the health and wealth of Greater Manchester’s 2.8m citizens, whether this is in health, care or the wider public sector.  We’re already looking at how it can be applied in Victim Support, Homelessness and other important areas of health

Bringing Digital Technology to Digitise Care in Early Years

One of the areas we’re looking to transform through digital technology is the assessments we undertake with our youngest citizens.

An  ‘Early Years’ app has been developed,  that digitises the paper-based assessments currently used to review a child’s development up to the age of 2.5 years.

The Early Years digitisation project is a huge step forward for our city-region and will hugely boost our aim of giving children in Greater Manchester the best possible start in life

Find out how we’re using digital to give children the best start in life.

Community Hub Volunteer Application 

During Covid-19 there has been a growing number of people across Greater Manchester volunteering their time to help in response to growing humanitarian needs. This increase in volunteer numbers has brought a heightened requirement to more effectively coordinate volunteer activity across the region, understand need and demand more clearly in real time and appropriately and effectively match volunteers with Community Hub activity.

The community hub app provides a platform that all parties involved in logging, assigning and volunteering can access, helping to coordinate contact between centres, Hub Managers and volunteers. The application also helps to collect the required information to match appropriate support to citizen need.  

The app can be rapidly deployed to localities, can be locally branded and should be used by those receiving requests for support from vulnerable citizens in community hubs to triage need, collect relevant information and assigning tasks to Hub Managers.

Find out how the Community Hub application is supporting volunteers and vulnerable people across Greater Manchester.

If you are interested in rapidly deploying the app in your locality please email:

Situation Reporting System

The Greater Manchester Situation Reporting System, which sits on the digital platform, was developed to monitor PPE levels, death figures, infection rates and outbreaks during Covid-19 to identify early signs of instability in adult social care settings to ensure swift action can be taken.

The reporting system allows all 10 Greater Manchester councils to share data in one place, creating a dashboard of information which shows a coherent picture of operational pressures during covid-19.

Find out how Situation Reporting is helping monitor PPE levels in health and social care settings aduring COVID-19.

Wound care application

Following extensive testing in Rochdale to help the community health team, a new app has launched using the latest smartphone technology to speed up patients’ wound care and treatment.

In the future, we intend to utilise the technology behind the Greater Manchester Digital Platform to share progress, photos and treatment plans with other colleagues involved in a patients care to improve their care journey.

Find out how a new smartphone app is speeding up the treatment of wounds.