As we learn to live and work in a post-COVID economy, we need to ensure that an appropriately skilled workforce is available locally to meet the immediate and emerging needs, and that the talent pipeline is in place to future-proof jobs, businesses and workers with the agility and resilience needed in a shifting labour market. We want organisations across the city region to deliver social value to inspire our young people about their future career prospects and help them to understand the opportunities available to them across all industries.

Greater Manchester Work and Skills Strategy

We have developed the Greater Manchester Work and Skills Strategy, which will help us move towards a future system where:

  • Young people will leave compulsory education well prepared for the world of work and further study.
  • Residents will have the right support to make the best choices about their employment and skills options and have better access to the right integrated support at the right time to enter, progress or sustain employment.
  • Employers are able to grow, have access to and invest in the skills they require, encouraging in work support and wage progression. Employers will be actively engaged in shaping GM’s education and skills system and take responsibility in supporting residents back into work.
  • Employment and skills initiatives will be developed and commissioned at a local level, providing unemployed residents and those furthest from the labour market with the right integrated support required to move them closer to work.
  • Further education and training providers will progress more people into intermediate and advanced level skills in areas linked to Greater Manchester’s growth sectors.
  • Health commissioning will be integrated with work and skills support to capitalise on the fact that ’good work is good for your health’.
    Your organisation can be part of this work.

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