Ambitious plans to make Greater Manchester one of the leading green city-regions in the UK and Europe were approved on 27 July 2018.

Following on from the Mayor's first Green Summit, held in March 2018, this report acts as a springboard for our environmental ambitions.

Greater Manchester was at the heart of the industrial revolution - a leading contributor of green-house gases. We led the computer revolution which changed our lives and now we're leading the carbon revolution which will form the next chapter of how we live, work and travel.

We will be the first UK city-region to devise a science-based pathway to becoming carbon neutral, reducing our carbon emissions to tackle climate change and make our fair contribution to keeping global average temperature change below 2°C. 

Our vision will not only make us a global leader in smart energy innovation, but will transform Greater Manchester into a world-leading greener, cleaner, climate-resilient city-region, improving health and quality of life for millions of people and protecting our green spaces and environment for future generations.

Springboard - A new environmental vision for Greater Manchester (PDF)

Springboard to achieve new environmental vision for Greater Manchester agreed - news article