Retrofit Accelerator

The Retrofit Accelerator aims to address the need to reduce heat demand from existing homes in order to reach Greater Manchester’s zero carbon by 2038 target. It will build on the extensive work that has been done on retrofit across Greater Manchester in the last 10 years which identified the following challlenges:

  • Sustained demand – a market for retrofit that is self-sustaining
  • Sustained delivery – a skilled and developed supply chain and workforce
  • Trusted Offer – a well understood offer with reliable quality and performance
  • Finance Vehicles – availability of finance to address different sectors of the market

It is being led with the University of Salford and draws in partners including businesses, housing providers and other organisations across GM. The programme will support the delivery of high quality building retrofits and will target a cross sectoral market to enable existing owner occupier and private rented homes to reduce energy demand and associated carbon emissions to levels that meet Greater Manchester’s zero carbon emissions by 2038 commitments.

 It will do this by supporting the delivery deep energy demand reduction in the stock, low carbon solutions and renewable energy through the development of a market that demands and can deliver equitably financed retrofits to a high standard of performance, creating high-quality, skilled jobs in the Green Economy.