About the Census 

The Census takes place every ten years, and the next Census will take place on Sunday 21 March 2021. Conducted by the Office for National Statistics, the Census is the largest collection of information on the general population that exists. The Census aims to collect information from every UK resident, and every household will receive details on how to complete the form online or via a paper form in the coming months.

The Census covers many topics such as age, country of birth, distance travelled to work, employment, ethnicity, health, industry, language and lots more besides. It is a rich source of data for public sector organisations and others to help them make decisions on planning of services, develop strategies and decide on policies for the future – providing an evidence base to make sound decisions. 


Our work supporting the Census 

GMCA are working with the Greater Manchester local authorities to make this Census a success. Links are being made with the local Census Engagement Managers (CEMs) to assist in focussed action locally to maximise response rates. Regular meetings are being held with officers in the districts. Promotion work is starting so more are aware the Census is getting closer and we are in contact with the Census team at ONS attending their Census planning meetings.  

We will also start to promote the Census through our relevant channels, and links to job opportunities working on the Census are advertised on the greater.jobs web site.     

The ONS will start to publish the key statistical outputs from the Census in Spring 2022. More detailed outputs will then be released by ONS in the period from Spring 2022 to Spring 2023. As the results are released, GMCA will publish more analysis of the statistics for you to download from this web page in the form of maps, charts, tables and reports. At first these will focus on the key demographics of the population and then will be focussed on topic themes as the detailed outputs become available. 

If you need help completing your Census form when it arrives in March 2021 or have not received a Census form by 21 March 2021 then visit: www.census.gov.uk/help or ring the Census Contact Centre on 0800 141 1021. The language helpline is: 0800 587 2021.