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Research: Housing

We are responsible for providing a robust evidence base to underpin strategy and policy relating to planning, housing and homelessness. Examples of this include the development of the evidence base for the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, managing and maintaining MappingGM, as well as providing timely statistics and evidence on Greater Manchester's housing market and homelessness to inform policy makers.

Strategic Housing Market Assessment 

The Strategic Housing Market Assessment provides evidence on the Greater Manchester housing market and how it is changing to provide an assessment of future housing. This document is part of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework evidence base.

Housing Market Data

Coming soon.

Private Rented Sector

Evidence and research about the private rented sector in Greater Manchester.

Mapping the Private Rented Sector for Young Professionals and mid-income families in Greater Manchester (PDF, 2.1MB)


The home of Greater Manchester mapped data. MappingGM provides a range of maps that you can use to explore Greater Manchester’s housing, planning, infrastructure, socio-economic and demographic data. The maps are open for you to use, and most of the data used is freely available to download.


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