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Mayor responds to IPPR "decent work" report

Mayor says fair pay will give people security in their lives

Speaking in response to the IPPR North's Decent Work report and calls for a "Living Wage North", Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham said:

“I welcome this report from IPPR.  Too many people are living unstable lives, stuck in low paid and insecure work. This insecurity can affect our health and wellbeing but also our productivity when we are at work. 

 “Ensuring that people have decent, fairly paid and secure work is a priority for Greater Manchester.  By giving people real security in their lives they will be happier, healthier – and much more likely to succeed at work.  This is something that is recognised by a growing number of Greater Manchester employers who are succeeding by engaging and supporting their employees.

“I’m pleased that the Good Employment Charter which we have agreed in Greater Manchester is highlighted as an example of best practice within the report.  We are introducing a journey that we want employers to take, supporting them to provide jobs which are secure, fairly paid and fulfilling, with opportunities to progress and develop. As employers move through the journey we will make Greater Manchester an area of excellence.

 “Providing good employment is a win-win for Greater Manchester businesses.”

Article Published: 15/05/2019 08:58 AM