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Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime responds to gatherings across Greater Manchester last night

Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Bev Hughes, said:  “Over the last 24 hours, Greater Manchester Police have had to deal with a substantial increase in incidents, not least the illegal raves in Carrington and Oldham.  These events were a flagrant breach of the coronavirus legislation and a number of very serious incidents took place at both locations. Anyone with information or footage regarding these incidents should contact GMP immediately.    

“I want to thank those officers who helped to deal with these incidents in the face of appalling violence.  In particular, I want to thank the officers stepped in to save the life of the young man who was stabbed at Carrington and also extend my condolences to the family of the young man who passed away at Oldham. 

“This significant rise in incidents has clearly put a strain on our police at what is still a very difficult time.  But those reckless individuals who attended these raves and committed other crimes have not just put a needless demand on vital police time, they have also put themselves and their communities in real danger.  The coronavirus has not gone away, we are all still at risk. 

“The vast majority of people have respected the lockdown and GMP have seen a noticeable reduction in Covid related incidents over recent weeks.  This has helped us to get through the peak of the virus and protect the NHS but we must all continue to play our part if we are going to beat the coronavirus.

“We have seen the real Greater Manchester this morning with communities going out to clean up their local areas and the events industry agreeing to blacklist any supplier who is involved with illegal raves.  Greater Manchester will not allow a small minority to put us the sacrifices we have made over recent months at risk.”

Article Published: 14/06/2020 15:00 PM