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Deputy Mayor takes on local police complaint powers

The Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester has taken on a stronger role in dealing with local police complaints, as part of a national overhaul of the complaints process.

From Saturday 1 February, the appeals process, previously managed by the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Professional Standards Branch, transferred to the Deputy Mayor who is now responsible for handling reviews that are not managed by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC)

The reviews will be managed by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and will assess whether a complaint was handled reasonably and proportionately by GMP.

Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester Bev Hughes said: “I have long been calling for an overhaul of the police complaints system, which at times is extremely complex and bureaucratic. This change to the review process is a welcome step in instilling public confidence and ensuring a swifter, simpler and more meaningful process for the complainant.

“I also hope that this change will help to ensure that the process is fair to both the complainant and the police, that the police continuously learn, improve and rectify issues that led to the complaint in the first place, and that complaints are dealt with effectively without the need to request a review of how the complaint has been handled.”

“Ultimately, a robust and fair complaints system is vital to the integrity of the police service and that is what we’re striving towards in Greater Manchester.”

Currently the Deputy Mayor is responsible only for handling complaints against the Chief Constable. All other complaints regarding police officers, staff and policies rest with the local police force, or the IOPC, depending on the severity of the allegations.

If a member of the public is unhappy with how their complaint was handled by GMP then they may be able to request an independent review by GMCA. The review cannot reinvestigate the complaint but will consider whether the handling of the complaint was reasonable and proportionate.

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Article Published: 04/02/2020 15:32 PM