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Flooding: A message from the Mayor

Flooding: A message from the Mayor

The last few days have been both unexpected and unprecedented in the way Greater Manchester has suffered from the impact of the flooding and the way in which people have responded.

Our public services, utilities and individual volunteers, have worked together and responded to the challenge.

Fortunately there has been no loss of life or recorded serious injury which is hard to believe but is a measure of the response provided by all those involved.

All our thoughts are with those whose Christmas was destroyed when they were driven from the homes and with everyone who is trying to put their homes and lives back together.  I have provided some information sheets which I hope will be of help to you.

I want to offer my special thanks to all those who were there to help those in need when that need was at its greatest. The public are rightly grateful to each and everyone for little acts of kindness through to the response needed that made people feel safe and let them know that things would be alright.

I wish the people of Greater Manchester a peaceful New year and I know that all your public services will continue to work hard on your behalf.

Tony Lloyd
Interim Mayor Greater Manchester

Article Published: 13/12/2018 11:44 AM