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GMCA Response to Centre For Cities, 10 Years of Tax in British Cities Report

Responding to the Centre for Cities, 10 years of tax in British Cities report, GMCA Lead Member for Economic strategy Sir Richard Leese said;

“This report underlines the need for devolution to help rebalance our economy. The economic imbalance and dominance of the South East’s economy is laid bare in the Centre for Cities' findings. The growth in South East’s national economy tax take to 30% makes the case for faster devolution to Greater Manchester and bigger slice of national infrastructure investment. 

"We see in this report that GM's economy is strong but we know that as more decisions are made locally we can transform our services and grow our economy further to improve people's lives. We continue our work to ensure that everyone in every part of GM is able to access the high quality, high paid jobs that are being created.

"However we recognise the referendum result will pose new challenges to Greater Manchester both in the short and medium term. We are focussed on how we remain an attractive place for international investment and where local businesses can feel confident to invest. We will work with central Government to respond to these challenges and secure the investment needed to drive growth in our city-region and ensure that all residents of GM are able to share fully in the benefits of success."

Article Published: 13/12/2018 15:18 PM