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Greater Manchester Mayor appoints Green City Region lead

Mayor Andy Burnham has made a new appointment to drive Greater Manchester’s ambition to be a world-leading green city-region where everyone can enjoy green spaces and breathe clean air.

Leader of Stockport Council Cllr Alex Ganotis will lead on Greater Manchester’s efforts to improve and protect the environment, green spaces and air quality. He will also bring forward plans for a Green Summit, bringing together environmentalists, experts and others to set a new ambition for carbon neutrality across Greater Manchester.

Mayor Andy Burnham said: “This appointment reflects the strong call I heard throughout my campaign for a greater focus on green issues and carbon neutrality and genuine concerns about our air quality, which in some areas of Greater Manchester is in breach of legal limits.

“My ambition is to transform Greater Manchester into a world-leading greener, cleaner city region; improving the health and quality of life for millions of people while protecting our green spaces and environment for future generations. I’m pleased that Alex will be working with me to take forward this vital, potentially life-saving work.

“Alex will also take forward plans to convene a Green Summit within my first year of office, bringing together those with a stake in a sustainable, environmental future to set a new clear and ambitious target for carbon neutrality across the city-region.”

Cllr Alex Ganotis said: “I’m excited to be taking on this role because this is about quality of life for people across Greater Manchester. I intend to work with colleagues across the city-region to make sure we invest in low carbon jobs, address the transport and pollution issues that cause health problems, and develop our green spaces.

“The environment and green issues are very much crucial to people’s day to day lives which makes this one of the most important things we need to deliver on. I’m confident we can set the lead in the country, if not Europe, in terms of how a city-region works and grows, and does so in a sustainable, green way.”  

Alex will also become Chair of the Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub, which brings together public, private, voluntary, and university and government representatives to develop carbon reduction and low carbon growth.

Article Published: 13/12/2018 21:26 PM