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Greater Manchester’s Good Employment Charter model revealed

Leaders across Greater Manchester have agreed a Good Employment Charter to encourage and support employers to identify and provide good jobs, deliver opportunities for people to progress and develop, and help the city region become more productive.

The model for the Charter has been co-designed and put together with input from business owners, employers and employees across the city region, and involved two public consultations to develop and agree the proposals. The Charter will have a tiered approach to help support and encourage employers to share excellent practice, access support to progress to higher standards, and help them become more successful as a result.

The three tiers identified through the consultation process are:

  • Tier 1: Supporters - for those employers who support the aims of the Charter and Greater Manchester Strategy, but are not yet in a position to meet the requirements of accreditation.
  • Tier 2: Membership – requiring employers to demonstrate excellent practice in key characteristics of employment practice, these are:
  1. Secure work;
  2. Flexible work;
  3. A real living wage;
  4. Workplace engagement & voice;
  5. Excellent recruitment practices & progression;
  6. Excellent people management;
  7. A productive & healthy workplace.
  • Tier 3: Advocates - employers who meet high standards in all the key employment characteristics to be Members, and then go out to other employers to encourage them to raise employment standards and join the Charter process.

Following agreement of the approach by the Combined Authority, the Charter process will now be finalised and implemented over the coming months.

The Charter was also recommended by the recent Greater Manchester Independent Prosperity Review as an important element for increasing economic growth and pay in the city region.

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham said:

“I want Greater Manchester to be the best place to live, work and invest. So we went out and asked how we could achieve that, and we’ve listened to what people have said.

“We have introduced a journey that we want employers to take, they will be encouraged to provide jobs which are secure, fairly paid and fulfilling, with opportunities to progress and develop. As employers move through the journey we will make Greater Manchester an area of excellence.

“Providing good employment is a win-win for Greater Manchester businesses. We know that those employers who are best at engaging and supporting their employees are the most successful.”

Greater Manchester’s Deputy Mayor for the Economy, Sir Richard Leese added:

“Employers have been central to Greater Manchester’s growth and success.  Many of Greater Manchester’s leading employers ensure they get the best from their workforce through fairly-paid roles, using skills and strengths to the full and providing opportunities to progress. This helps to drive growth and boost our economy.

“We now want to pioneer an approach in the shape of our journey that ensures employers can improve the standards across the city-region.”

Greater Manchester portfolio lead for Education, Skills and Apprenticeships, Councillor Sean Fielding said:

“Greater Manchester is establishing itself as the best place in the UK for businesses to grow and succeed. Our tiered model used in the Good Employment Charter will further carve out our unique identity, helping employers create great jobs and demonstrate their commitment to driving shared prosperity.

“The journey through the Good Employment Charter is what Greater Manchester is all about – bringing together businesses, trade unions and communities across the region to improve our practices."

TUC North West Regional Secretary, Lynn Collins said:

“As Greater Manchester continues to grow and be successful, it is important that we recognise those making this happen – the employers who pay staff a living wage and treat them fairly and the workers on which the success is built. The charter gives us an opportunity to champion those who meet the standards set and help others improve along the way. This will be a win-win for all – the economy will continue to grow, employers can see benefits of improved morale and productivity and workers will feel their contribution is valued.”

Marketing & Policy Director at the Chamber of Commerce, Chris Fletcher said:

 “The development of a workable and effective Good Employment Charter is a great step forward in recognising those businesses in Greater Manchester that already do so much in creating good employment opportunities. It is also a valuable way in encouraging more businesses to look at and consider what they offer their employees and how this can benefit them.

"Greater Manchester’s already successful economy can and will only get stronger by having all its employers, across all sectors, having a clear idea over what good employment looks like and having the tools and support in place to make it real for their employees. This Charter will help with that and having had the Chamber and its members involved in the process means that this is something we shall encourage more businesses to get involved with.”

Employers interested in being involved in the implementation of the Charter and to find out more should contact:






Article Published: 06/03/2019 14:48 PM