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Multi-million pound fund to make Greater Manchester a greener city-region

Mayor Andy Burnham has unveiled a £21m European Regional Development fund as part of plans to make Greater Manchester a world-leading green city-region.

The European Regional Development money will be used to fund innovative projects that demonstrate their ability to reduce carbon emissions year on year. It is part of ambitions to cut carbon emissions and create low carbon homes, businesses and infrastructure. 

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham said: “Climate change and air quality are two of the biggest issues facing us as a city-region and for the UK as a member of the international community. We can no longer ignore the serious damage our carbon emissions are having to people’s health and the world we live in.

“As Mayor I’ve been clear that we must make Greater Manchester a greener city-region to help better the lives of everybody. Today’s announcement is another milestone in building a greener future for Greater Manchester. As I announced last month, plans are underway for a Green Summit which will set out how we will create a stronger greener economy greener spaces and greener transport. Our economy will be strengthened from investing in pioneering green technologies which will bring more jobs to Greater Manchester. And by reducing our energy usage across Greater Manchester we will reduce our overall energy costs, making our city-region wealthier and healthier.”

Last month Andy appointed Councillor Alex Ganotis as portfolio lead on environmental issues across Greater Manchester.

Speaking about the plan Councillor Ganotis said: “Greater Manchester is taking full advantage of the opportunity to shape our own greener, healthier future.  This plan is key to achieving this and allows us to come up with creative ways to integrate smart technologies into our communities and allows every person in Greater Manchester to live in a healthier environment.”

The Sustainable Urban Development plan will put into action some of the aims from the Greater Manchester Climate Change and Low Emissions Implementation Plan. The Implementation Plan was created in 2016 and builds upon the aims of the Greater Manchester Climate Change Strategy from 2012. Amongst the plans’ proposals is the aim to reduce carbon emissions by 48% by 2020, prioritise reducing carbon energy within homes, buildings and transport, and to create a low carbon economy. 

Article Published: 13/12/2018 21:40 PM