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New Curriculum for Life launched to help young people in Greater Manchester get ready for adulthood


  • A new website empowering Greater Manchester’s young people with important life knowledge was launched today by Mayor Andy Burnham and Ma'eaisha Akhtar, a representative from the city-region’s Youth Combined Authority.
  • The Curriculum for Life website was a Mayoral commitment in response to Greater Manchester's young people looking for more ways to gain the knowledge and skills to help them step confidently into adult life.
  • Curriculum for Life features content across six key themes that young people themselves identified needing support with.

Greater Manchester is empowering its young people with the launch of Curriculum for Life – an online advice and guidance platform co-created by and for young people to answer questions they have about adulthood.

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, attended an event hosted by Connell Co-Op College today (Tuesday 19 March), along with Ma'eaisha Akhtar, aged 12, a representative from the city-region's Youth Combined Authority, which has been integral to the creation of the resource. The event celebrated all of those who have been involved in the development of the website over the last two years, recognising their commitment to ensuring the platform is relevant and has young people’s questions at its heart.

With input from young people across the city-region, Curriculum for Life features advice and information organised into six key topics identified by them including:

  • Financial education
  • Work and Study
  • Confidence in relationships
  • Politics, citizenship and rights
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Climate change and the environment  

The platform offers a wealth of engaging content such as articles, videos, case studies and links to local services. The articles were co-created with young people alongside subject matter experts to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, said: "Empowering our young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate adult life is crucial to their overall development. The collaborative effort between young people and experts in designing this website underscores our commitment to putting people at the centre of our decision-making.

"We’ve listened to what our young people want and have delivered, but we’re not done yet. This will be a constantly evolving resource, offering simple, expert guidance and information to equip our young residents with the tools they need to thrive in today's world.”

Ma’eaisha Akhtar, a representative from the Youth Combined Authority, said: "I'm so excited that the Curriculum for Life website is finally here! We worked really hard to include the topics and information that are most important and relevant to us as we navigate the journey into adulthood.

"Having a platform made by young people for young people means the content speaks directly to our needs and concerns. Becoming an adult can be confusing, but now we have a great place to get advice and learn all the life skills we need. I can't wait for everyone to check it out.”

Curriculum for Life complements existing life skills support across Greater Manchester with much (if not all) of the content already taught in education settings up to Key Stage 5 with many elements statutory.

It builds on the national effort by the British Youth Council to develop more opportunities for young people to effectively navigate adulthood, as well as quality programmes delivered by local authorities allowing young people to identify, record and evidence relevant learning.

Councillor Eamonn O'Brien, Greater Manchester's Lead for Technical Education and Skills, said: “By involving young people in the design process, we can provide the resources and guidance they truly need to help them confidently navigate adulthood.

“This website is designed not only for use by young people but also by those who support them, whether formally, informally, or through specialist services. It offers practical information that is easily accessible. Equipping Greater Manchester’s next generation with real-world knowledge and understanding will empower them to take charge of their futures.”

Feedback from young people so far has been consistently positive, reflecting the value of prioritising their needs and perspectives throughout the development process, leading to a sense of ownership.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority will continue to collaborate with young people, partners and stakeholders to populate the site with youth-authored, expert-verified articles. This effort ensures Curriculum for Life evolves as a dynamic resource empowering the city-region's young people to thrive in adulthood.

Curriculum for Life is part of a range of digital services for young people in Greater Manchester, including Our Pass (offering travel, cultural, sporting, and lifestyle discounts for 16-18 year olds) and GMACS (providing free information on skills, work, and careers).

Visit for more information.

Young people are encouraged to explore the website and contribute their voices by submitting article ideas, asking questions, or expressing how the platform can be improved via the "contact us" page.

Article Published: 19/03/2024 15:34 PM