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Statement from Deputy Mayor on extended funding granted for Violence Reduction Units

Statement from Deputy Mayor Bev Hughes following announcement from Government extended funding has been given to Violence Reduction Units (VRU)

Greater Manchester’s Deputy Mayor for Policing, Crime and Criminal Justice, Bev Hughes, said: “This extended funding will enable us to progress with the positive work underway in Greater Manchester to tackle serious violence.

“Through the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU), agencies and professionals across the city-region have been working hard to address the underlying causes of violent crime. This includes developing a community-led approach which sees residents actively involved in identifying solutions to prevent young people becoming engaged in violence.

“Since the launch of the VRU in October 2019, more than 10,500 victims of violent crime have been referred to commissioned support. Alongside this, police are also carrying out targeted enforcement activity to seize weapons, intercept the illegal purchase of weapons and continue to provide reassurance to communities affected by violent crime.”

Article Published: 09/02/2021 16:59 PM