A picture of the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham
The Mayor Deputy Mayor

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and 10 leaders of Greater Manchester join international calls for ceasefire

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and the ten leaders of Greater Manchester have joined the international calls for a ceasefire amid the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Gaza.

"We are deeply concerned about events in the Middle East and the anguish being experienced by people in Greater Manchester, most acutely in our Jewish and Muslim communities.

"We condemn unreservedly the appalling terror attacks on innocent civilians in Israel by Hamas on 7th October. We recognise that Israel has the right to take targeted action within international law to defend itself against terror attacks and terrorist organisations and to rescue hostages. 

"We also have profound concerns about the loss of thousands of innocent lives in Gaza, the displacement of many more and widespread suffering through the ongoing blockade of essential goods and services. It is vital that urgent support and humanitarian aid is allowed into the area. 

"Given the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Gaza, the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and the ten Leaders of Greater Manchester join the growing international calls for a ceasefire by all sides and for the hostages to be released unharmed."

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester

Kate Green, Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester

City Mayor Paul Dennett, Salford City Council

Cllr Bev Craig, Manchester City Council

Cllr Nick Peel, Bolton Council

Cllr Eamonn O’Brien, Bury Council

Cllr Arooj Shah, Oldham Council

Cllr Neil Emmott, Rochdale Council

Cllr Mark Hunter, Stockport Council

Cllr Gerald Cooney, Tameside Council

Cllr Tom Ross, Trafford Council

Cllr Nazia Rehman for Wigan Council

Article Published: 27/10/2023 15:16 PM