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Frequently Asked Questions

We're asking that people don't attend more than two question time events in a six month period. This is just so that different people have an opportunity to come along and ask questions. Obviously, if you're not able to attend then you're still more than welcome to watch it online through the live stream and participate via #AskAndyGM on social media.

Please note: There may be occasions that we limit numbers attending the event. In these situations, we will filter this based on previous attendance at the events. In the event we have to cancel your ticket, we will let you know 48 hours in advance.

Before the event, either online at home please familiarise yourself with the Admissions Policy for the Mayor’s Question Time event. 

All visitors wishing to enter the event, will be subject to a photo ID check and security search of any bags or carried items. The search aims to ensure that no prohibited items are either deliberately or accidentally brought into the building. 

There is no age restrictions however the event will be live streamed, so people who attend ideally need to be comfortable to sit for around an hour and a half.

When registering for the event you are given the chance to tell us any access requirements which may effect your experience at question time. Will will use the information provided and try and accommodate around your needs. However, all venues are checked for accessibility beforehand.

Yourself and your questions. You're also welcome to bring your phone in with you, so that you can join in with the questions online at the same time using the hashtag #AskAndyGM. But we do ask you to put it on silent, so not to disturb the live stream.

If you have any questions about the event itself, feel free to direct them towards - questiontime@greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk - equally, if you think of any questions that you want answering as part of the event, these can also be sent through to the same address.

You don't need to have it printed, but an electronic copy of the ticket (via your smart phone / tablet) would be great, so that we can tick you off our attendee list and also identify if you are someone who has raised a question in advance.