Older people standing up and talking.

Worsley Mesnes, Wigan

Wigan Council delivers the Pathfinder in the neighbourhood of Worsley Mesnes, Hawkley Hall and Goose Green in Wigan.

There are pockets of older residents in the less affluent areas of the neighbourhood and some residents are asset-rich but income poor. The population is 49,000 people, of which 21 per cent are aged between 50 and 65 and 20 per cent are aged 65 and over.

Engaging with residents

The priority is to engage with isolated residents to develop a better understanding of the lived experience in the neighbourhood. By doing this, and determining what is important to local people, Wigan Council aim to support and facilitate residents to age well in the place they call home. Furthermore, the Pathfinder will identify opportunities for investment, change and improvement in the area using insight and local intelligence from residents.

Engagement with residents has taken different forms, including community engagement events in accessible venues, talk and walk sessions facilitated by a local Primary Care Network and micro-residency art and creative workshops. Residents are also regularly engaging through the partnership board. Wigan Council have found that older people value coming together to deliver change to the local area and make it better for today and in years to come. Wigan Council are also utilising an outdoor space called Scotmans flash which, with the support of the partnership group, will hopefully become a space where older people connect, learn and share experiences. 

What we know so far

Key themes that have emerged from the engagement sessions:

  • Communication and information – improving the way messages are delivered to residents, highlighting digital skills and exploring community reporters
  • Outdoor space - pavements, benches, paving and opportunities to rest whilst walking
  • Social participation - local history, places for people to be like the ‘warm hubs’ model, activities for all to be involved in, a place to be (not necessarily to do an activity)

A strong partnership group has been established with stakeholders and residents and some great ideas and relationships are being built both within the Ageing in Place Pathfinder and across other partnerships.

Residents' voices also supported the State of Ageing: Wigan residents have their say. This was enabled by My Generation reporters, David and Erica, who had the privilege of interviewing residents and capturing their insights on the State of Ageing. The work resulted in the below video which gives voice to the community's experiences and perspectives.

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International Day of Older Persons 2023

For International Day of Older Persons, Greater Manchester Combined Authority partnered with Yellow Jigsaw to film local older residents in place.

Throughout August and September, films were recorded with local residents in each of the Ageing in Place Pathfinder neighbourhoods. Below is the video recorded with Dave from Worsley Mesnes.

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For more information on the Worsley Mesnes, Hawkley Hall and Goose Green Pathfinder, visit Wigan Council's website.

Article Published: 28/06/2024 10:34 AM