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Care Leavers

Greater Manchester Care Leavers Guarantee

Greater Manchester care leavers app

Care experienced young people across Greater Manchester will soon have access to a new app that will provide help and guidance as they start living independent lives.

The project, managed by GMCA and digital agency focusgov, is following similar work undertaken by other local authorities across the UK. Care leavers will be able to find information and advice across a wide range of subjects, on their devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, the app will promote local events and activities across the city region, helping reduce the social isolation that care leavers often say is a day-to-day challenge.

The app will also include a directory of local services that provide additional help and support for young people and a feed of regional apprenticeship opportunities, helping get young people into training and work. Content within the app will be available in multiple languages.

Young people and team members from the leaving care team at GMCA have already been involved in co-producing the app and the app is expected to be launched during National Care Leavers Week in late October 2022.

Get Online Greater Manchester: for care leavers

In a drive to address inequalities and levelling up across the region, Greater Manchester’s leaders, private and public sector and young person’s charities have worked together with the Greater Manchester care leaver’s network to design a comprehensive package of support including access to free data connectivity for 12 months, devices and free digital skills training to support care leavers to build their skills and confidence online and benefit from opportunities to thrive.

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