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Hospitality and leisure

These are the projects funded in the hospitality and leisure sector:

Project: Supporting the development of locally produced, natural fabric dye supply chains via customer led design approach - (event specialists for large-scale textiles and textile costumes).

Challenge: Localising supply chains /Zero Carbon and Net Zero.

Website: cabasacarnivalarts.com

Project: Geo-location based mobile app to facilitating heritage based architectural tourism via location based digital mapping across Manchester, Salford and Trafford.

Challenge: More effective services and products. 

Website: the-modernist.org

Project: CAFÉ - Collaborative Action: Foundational Economy - Supporting recruitment and development in hospitality sector via localise skill development, wellbeing support and employee development.

Challenge: Supporting the workforce

Website: brilliantthing.co.uk

Project: Project to support the continued development of the "WalkSafe" app via testing and collaboration with hospitality venues supporting the safety of employees when travelling to and from work and creating safe spaces for customers in the night time economy.
Challenge: Supporting the workforce.
Website: walksafe.io

Project: Platform development to optimise stock deliveries via shared transportation between small scale local food producers to retail and hospitality venues to reduce carbon emissions.

Challenge: Localising supply chains / Zero Carbon and Net Zero.

Website: vegboxpeople.org.uk

Project: Prototype development and marketisation of reusable shower dispenser and wash formula for hotel market supplied via takeback scheme.

Challenge: Localising supply chains / Zero Carbon and Net Zero.

Project: Feasibility study for a reusable food and drink container scheme which includes perks for independent cafes and takeaways.

Challenge: Localising supply chains / Zero Carbon and Net Zero.

Website: greenstreet.org

Project: Feasibility study for a hyper-local supply chain business model looking to utilise abandoned buildings.

Challenge: Localising supply chains / Zero Carbon and Net Zero.

Website: certproperty.co.uk

Project: Development of skills development resource/service for students working in hospitality industry who wish to continue in sector post-graduation, including personal development and coaching.

Challenge: Supporting the workforce

Website: https://manchesterstudentsunion.com/

Project: Exploring opportunities to increase staff recruitment and retention amongst hotels including via shared staffing across multiple hotel businesses.

Challenge: Supporting the workforce

Website: https://marketingmanchester.com/