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Great for business - One + All

Donald Moore, Chairman of One + All on why paying the living wage and joining the Good Employment Charter is great for business.

We are proud to be Living Wage accredited and being a member of the Good Employment Charter (GEC). If you already pay the Living Wage then you must join the GEC, it’s a great community where you can learn and share best practice, it’s easy to join and it’s free! The team are all passionate about reducing inequalities and they put on some great events and we’ve learned so much from inspirational leaders in the community.

We strongly believe that investing in paying the living wage is great for business, for us our customer satisfaction has become world class and our profits have increased massively. It also makes a huge difference to the lower paid in terms of coming out of poverty and improving their self esteem and well being. That’s why productivity and profits increase and happy employees lead to happy customers. It’s an investment not a cost and the returns are fantastic, I can’t believe that more haven’t done it yet.

Joining the GEC and paying the real living wage is the right thing to do and it’s great for business. We are excited that Greater Manchester will become the first living wage region and together we can make GM a great place to live and work for everyone.