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Safely Managing Covid-19: Greater Manchester Population Survey results

On this page you will find the archived results from the Safely Managing Covid-19: Greater Manchester Population survey and links to the newer Greater Manchester Resident Survey.

This research has been undertaken on behalf of Greater Manchester localities and partners to provide deeper and more regular insight on the issues and impacts of coronavirus across Greater Manchester. 

This is to help ourselves and partners ensure communications and engagement activities are insight-led and appropriately delivered and targeted and to support the behaviour change needed across the population to tackle Covid-19 and its extensive and unequal impacts.

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Greater Manchester Resident Survey

The Greater Manchester Resident Survey has superseded the Covid Population Survey and has evolved to include other questions relating to areas we’re working on and that link to the Greater Manchester Strategy. This includes finding out peoples experiences and attitudes towards:

  • Food insecurity
  • Good work
  • Digital inclusion

Greater Manchester Resident Survey - Responses

Previous Greater Manchester Population Surveys