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Citizen-Led Security Standards

Enhancing the Greater Manchester Information Strategy: A Vision for Data Excellence

The Greater Manchester Information Strategy is a deliberate endeavour to elevate our information and data ecosystem. At its core lies a fundamental truth: data and information serve as the lifeblood of our city. Whether directly related to individuals or derived from meticulous data analysis, this information underpins critical decision-making processes—shaping the services and provisions we offer our citizens.

Recognising the Citizen Voice: Community engagement emerges as a pivotal priority. As we develop a delivery plan for the GM Information Strategy, we actively seek ways to place the citizen at the heart of our data initiatives. But how? By collaborating with key transformative programs—such as the Changing Futures initiative—we explore effective data sharing, management, and utilization practices. Noisy Cricket, our trusted partner, ensures that the citizen’s voice resonates throughout this journey.

A Methodical Approach: Our project methodology is deliberate. We refrain from assuming knowledge or predetermined outcomes. Instead, we allow insights to evolve organically as the work progresses. In phases two, three, and four, we delve deeper, comparing and contrasting the wisdom gained. Crucially, we engage directly with citizens, ensuring their experiences inform our path forward.

Beyond Boundaries: While our spotlight currently shines on Changing Futures, we aspire for broader impact. The insights we glean will transcend program boundaries, benefiting not only the GMCA but also the entire Greater Manchester ecosystem.

In summary, our mission is clear: to empower citizens through data, foster collaboration, and build a resilient, interconnected community.

Advancing the Greater Manchester Information Strategy: A Closer Look at Our Phases

Our commitment to enhancing the Greater Manchester Information Strategy involves deliberate steps. Here’s a deeper dive into our journey:

In Phase One, we engaged closely with the Responsible Tech Collective—a wealth of knowledge accumulated over four years. Their insights illuminated the path ahead, revealing both challenges and opportunities. We recognized that there was a problem to address—an opportunity waiting to be seized.

Now, in Phase Two, we’re diving deep alongside strategic partners: the GMCA, Manchester City Council, and Rochdale Borough Council. Our focus is on understanding the intricacies of data sharing. What challenges exist? What best practices are currently in place? These questions drive our exploration.

Crucially, throughout this process, we remain mindful of the community voice. From an organizational perspective, we ensure that citizens’ perspectives are heard and integrated into our data-sharing practices. It’s not just about data; it’s about empowering Greater Manchester through informed decision-making.

As we progress, we continue to uncover relevant insights, adapt our approach, and build a resilient, interconnected community.

Written by Stephen Girling, Information Governance Programme of Change Manager GMCA & TfGM


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