Ethical Data Governance

In 2021, the GMCA and the Greater Manchester Information Board worked with the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) to explore data ethics considerations in its strategies and initiatives.  The purpose of the project was to evaluate and advise on ethical data governance at the GMCA and partner organizations, informed by examples of data ethics considerations in selected projects, that support the responsible use of data-driven technology.  The output of the project was:

Summary guidance note on ethical data governance from the CDEI (PDF, 1.2MB)
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The report states that the GMCA is well placed to take advantage of the new opportunities in data and modern technology, but to support its goals, will need to keep reaching for some of the highest data governance standards as local citizens become aware of the potential and risks of advanced information computation in the public sector.

The CDEI suggests the following to the GMCA:

  • Recommendation one: use the GMCA’s convening powers to show what modern, ethical data governance looks like.
  • Recommendation two: communicate the progress that has been made, and the challenges ahead.
  • Recommendation three: build ethical governance through lead projects.

The Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) is an advisory body set up by the UK Government and led by an independent board of experts.  It is tasked with identifying the measures we need to take ‘to maximise the benefits of data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for our society and economy’.  The CDEI has a unique mandate to advise government on these issues, drawing on expertise and perspectives from across society