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Night Time Economy Adviser

Night Time Economy Adviser

"Three out of five Manchester night-time businesses will go bust ...

In 2018, Warehouse Project and Parklife co-founder Sacha Lord was appointed as Greater Manchester’s first-ever Night Time Economy Adviser by Mayor Andy Burnham.

In his role, Sacha has championed Greater Manchester’s thriving nightlife within the city region and brought attention to its leading status nationwide. Additionally, he has set out bold recommendations to help improve safety, transport and cultural diversity, as well as ensuring workers within the sector are supported throughout their careers.

Alongside the Combined Authority and Local Authorities, Sacha has worked tirelessly to support night time economy businesses through the pandemic as they faced immense challenges from the COVID pandemic and cost of living crisis. Acting as a voice for operators, Sacha has been instrumental in conveying operators' concerns, offering guidance on support available, and lobbying government and industry bodies. He regularly hosts listening events with businesses and employees of the night-time economy to further understand the issues they face, with a number of suggestions made for improvements.

Sacha is supported by the Night Time Economy Partnership, comprising experts from across Greater Manchester to develop, discuss and deliver plans to develop the city-region’s nightlife, making it stronger, safer, better-connected, and an even more attractive destination.

In 2022, Sacha was appointed Chair of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA).

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