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The Places for Everyone Modifications Consultation is now closed.

You can now view the responses made to the Modifications Consultation (GMCA webpage)

A report listing all of the duly made representations, a summary of the main issues raised, and a brief response to those main issues was forwarded to the Inspectors.

A notice has been put on the examination website indicating that:

  • The inspectors have now considered all of the representations made in response to the main modifications consultation and the GMCA responses to them, including their suggested further main modifications and;
  • The Inspectors are not currently expecting to hold any further hearing sessions or take any other additional steps in the examination.

View the Places for Everyone Plan report of responses to the Main Modifications Consultation 2023 (External webpage)

The GMCA submitted Places for Everyone for examination on 14 February 2022. Independent Inspectors were appointed and examination hearings were held between 1 November 2022 and 5 July 2023.

GMCA, on behalf of the nine local planning authorities, asked the Inspectors to recommend the modifications that are necessary to make Places for Everyone sound and legally compliant. It is normal for the outcome of a local plan examination to be that Inspectors recommend main modifications. 

Whilst there are many proposed Main Modifications, including amending the plan period from 2020 to 2037 to 2022 to 2039, the vision and ambition across the nine Districts remain. The 'Main Modifications' that emerged through the examination process were the basis for the consultation. 

In accordance with Inspectors Note 39 (IN39) (link to external webpage), a Main Modifications Schedule, Schedule of Policies Map Changes and Composite Plan were prepared and a Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment of the Main Modifications were also carried out.

These were all the subject of this consultation and comments were invited on them.

In addition to the Main Modifications and related policies map changes, a schedule of additional modifications was also prepared and subject to consultation alongside the Main Modifications.

These additional modifications are changes which do not materially affect the policies in the Plan. They do not fall within the scope of the examination and therefore the Inspectors will not be considering comments on them. Instead, the nine PfE authorities will consider comments relating to the additional modifications.

The consultation on the modifications ran for 8 weeks and representations were invited between 11 October 2023 and 6 December 2023.

Representations to the plan were invited through GM Consult website (external webpage), by email, or by post. We advised using the Template Response Form (Word, 82KB) for email and postal responses.

The pages below include the consultation documents and information about how you could respond.

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