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Private Renting

Private Renting 

We are using our unique position working across GM to improve private renting, so more tenants have a decent, secure and well-managed home. 

Better enforcement – we are accelerating improved housing enforcement by GM’s councils against bad housing and poor practice. By investing £3.5 million we are funding over 25 additional enforcement officers, getting more than 20 more people qualified to work in enforcement, and helping councils make full use of their powers. 

Promoting good practice – we are developing a new Good Landlord Charter to encourage landlords to adopt higher standards and recognise those that do. This new scheme will be the first of its type – a common standard of landlord excellence that covers both private and social renting. 

Building a better system – we are using the devolution powers we negotiated from government and are working with them to develop a new deal for renters. We want GM to be at the forefront of regulatory change, so that improvements are tested and happen here first. 

We do not run any public facing housing services ourselves. If you are a tenant or landlord in need of advice, we can point you towards organisations and support services that help. 

Our work on private renting is only part of what we are doing to tackle the housing crisis across GM. To read more about how it fits into our overall approach, read more in the Greater Manchester Housing Strategy.



Improving enforcement 


The Good Landlord Charter 


Support for tenants and landlords 


Influencing national renting policy