Economy Research

We undertake a variety of analysis to inform the development of strategy and policy, including: economic assessment of Greater Manchester’s economy, tracking and monitoring economic performance – for example the Greater Manchester Brexit Monitor, local economic impact assessment, wider analysis of key sectors across Greater Manchester’s Economy, trade and export analysis and business segmentation.

Economic Resilience

There are many uncertainties at this time. These arise from world economic conditions and the continued economic uncertainty due to the ongoing issues with Brexit and the UK's future trading relationship with Europe. In response to this, an economic resilience dashboard has been developed to monitor how the national GM economy is performing, in order to identify potential economic shocks.

Greater Manchester Forecasting Model

Consistent, sophisticated and robust information on the current and likely performance of Greater Manchester, in terms of the economy, is a vital tool in the development of strategies and plans to accelerate economic performance. The Greater Manchester Forecasting Model (GMFM) consists of forecasts for all ten districts in the conurbation, as well as data for Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, the North West.

Greater Manchester and Brexit

Ensuring Greater Manchester firms and labour market are able to absorb the disruption caused by Brexit and take advantage of any opportunities. Our Brexit monitors examine the economy post the EU Referendum to assess the impact of this landmark decision on Greater Manchester and the North West. We have one set for Greater Manchester and another for the North West.

Greater Manchester Independent Prosperity Review

The Greater Manchester Independent Prosperity Review was established to undertake a detailed and rigorous assessment of the current state, and future potential, of Greater Manchester’s economy. Ten years on from the path-breaking Manchester Independent Economic Review (MIER) (external website, opens in new tab), it provides a fresh understanding of what needs to be done to improve productivity and drive prosperity across the city-region.

Greater Manchester Business Survey

This is a Greater Manchester-wide survey to understand current and future economic performance by local businesses and to identify the opportunities and barriers to growth they face.

Manchester Independent Economic Review (MIER)

This consisted of a commission of prominent economists and business leaders, supported by a policy advisory group and secretariat, with responsibility for commissioning high-quality evidence-based research to inform decision-makers in Greater Manchester. 

Travel to Work Patterns in Greater Manchester

This briefing particularly focuses on where the Greater Manchester workforce travel from and how far they travel, preferred modes of transport and recent changes in commuting behaviours.