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Police and Fire: Research

Research is key in underpinning the development of policy and strategy for Police, Crime, Criminal Justice and Fire across a range of programme areas in Greater Manchester. Recent work has included:

Police and Crime Plan

Standing Together: A Plan for Police, Community Safety, Criminal Justice Services and Citizens in Greater Manchester was published in March 2018.
The Research Team have been a key contributor to its development and the assessment of the progress made under the Plan including:

Crime and Policing Needs Assessment

A major review of the Greater Manchester evidence base was completed over summer / autumn 2017 to inform the development of the new Standing Together Plan. The Needs Assessment included collation and analysis of available information from across the Criminal Justice System including the police, justice and rehabilitation services, victims services, substance misuse, mental health and community cohesion.

Assisting in the evaluation of the Standing Together Plan 

The Research Team is involved in the development of an Outcomes Framework to measure the success of the Standing Together Plan and will continue to support the collection and evaluation of data to ensure that Greater Manchester is a safer place. 

Evaluation of Greater Manchester services 

The Research Team are involved in the evaluation of services across the region, ranging from smaller innovation projects to larger, formally-commissioned services. For example, the recent evaluation of Greater Manchester’s STRIVE  programme, an early intervention programme aimed at households where domestic abuse concerns exist illustrated that the intervention reduced the complexity of need for service users.

Improving outcomes for victims

Greater Manchester has revolutionised its services offered to victims of crime to help improve victims’ experiences of the Criminal Justice System. The Research Team continues to contribute to this vital piece of work by conducting data analysis to identify gaps in provision or necessary improvements to services.

Research Support to Greater Manchester Reviews

Bespoke support to a number of high-profile Greater Manchester reviews, for example:

Child Sexual Exploitation Review of Culture and Practice

An independent review of agencies working across Greater Manchester to protect children from sexual exploitation.

High-rise Taskforce

Research to support the work of the high-rise taskforce, established in 2017, following the Grenfell Tower tragedy, to ensure that high rise buildings across Greater Manchester meet building regulation legislation and to identify the social and financial impacts of the disaster across the region.

Emergency Medical Response by Fire & Rescue Services Cost Benefit Analysis

This analysis explored the financial and economic case for the inclusion of emergency medical response activity within the role profile of operational fire and rescue staff on a national footprint.